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SME30/12 Turntable And Arm

SME Model 30/12 
Immaculate construction and uncompromising quality control have made the name SME a byword for engineering excellence.  Attention to detail and a dynamic range that does justice to the original sound. Combine with Nagra BPS phono and Clearaudio Titanium V2 Cartridge for the Ultimate Analogue Sound


Nagra HD DAC

Nagra HD DAC
The HD DAC is the purist interface from the digital world to pure audio excellence. The no-compromise definition reproduces the original sound with total integrity.

Unico CD Due

Unison Research CD Due
The CD Due is both a High end DAC and a CD player that has been developed though extensive listening sessions and meticulous R&D. It combines Unison Research’s high end sound quality with digital audio inputs to give a truly versatile solution to anyone wanting a powerful but simple to use system.

Clearaudio Ovation Turntable to buy in London

ClearAudio Concept MM Wood
The revolutionary Clearaudio Concept turntable combines the highest quality of music playback with a design that has won several awards worldwide – including the German Design Award and ‘Best Turntable’ award from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’ magazine.


Cadence Canasya tube Amplifier

burmester 101

Unsion Research Preludio Classic line Tube Amplifier

Siltech C1 V1 & P1 Pre-Amp, Supply and Poweramp
The Siltech SAGA is a unique three box amplifier designed to completely rethink the concept. It offers unsurpassed power and delivery.

Cadence Canasya Monoblock 

A no holds barred design incorporating the legendary 845 carbon triodes, these monoblocks deliver a stunning 200 Watts RMS per channel. Recognised by critics and audiophiles alike as one of the finest tube amplifier ever made,

Burmester 101 Integrated Amplifier
The 101 Integrated Amplifier is the latest integrated amplifier in the Burmester product range and a supreme example for the perfect combination of efficient class D power sections and an analogue power supply.

Unison Research Preludio Amplifier

Part of the classic line of tube amplifiers. The Preludio integrated amplifier continues the technical approach, sound and aesthetics of its larger siblings. While the Preludio’s appearance is certainly gorgeous, it is also extremely reliable due to its unique design solutions, quality materials and adherence to the highest of standards.

YG Sonja 1.2 speaker

YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2
Sonja™ is YG Acoustics™’ flagship and represents everything that they know about speaker-design. Driven by innovative applications of acoustical engineering and world-class precision-manufacturing, Sonja™ pushes the edge of the art.

Vivid Audio G2 (White)

Vivid Audio Giya G2
The GIYA G2 offers the looks and nearly all the performance of the GIYA G1 in a smaller package. Aside from the physical size of the GIYA G2, not much differentiates it from its big brother, the GIYA G1. It has the same front-firing proprietary drivers, same crossover, same unique cabinet and most importantly, the same amazing sound.

5 Arabesque Minissimo speakers in different colours

Crystal Cable Minissimo
The original Arabesque concept was for a cabinet with continuously curved walls, but it was impossible to achieve reliable results using glass, so we developed the facetted construction, using the advanced Comsol modelling software to optimise its shape and dimensions.

Spendor Classic 3.5 cherry

Spendor Classic 3/5 Loudspeaker
Compact with high power handling and a natural sound that belies its size, the Spendor Classic 3/5 draws together some of the most advanced features of Spendor designs resulting in a compact, high quality monitor loudspeaker.