Customers visit Audio Lounge with a wide variety of budgets, requirements and preferences. We strive to use our expertise to tailor an audio system to their exact needs and change their experience of music forever.


When I listened to Vivid Audio Giya speakers for the first time, I knew I had to have them. What I didn’t know was how difficult it was going to be to build a system that excelled at stereo but also provided surround capabilities, that was primarily focused on digital but also allowed for fine vinyl reproduction, and that on top of all of this would also blend with my apartment’s modern interior design.

I ended up with 5+1 speakers from Vivid Audio, including a custom-built subwoofer all run by a set of three Devialet Expert Pro 220s and Bel Canto 500s mono blocks. Sources include a Lumin U1 streamer, a Clear Audio Emotion SE turntable with Concerto V2 cartridge, OPPO disc transport and a NAD M17 processor. The audio cables come from Crystal Audio and Siltech, while the power is being handled by Synergistic Research cables and conditioners. Acoustics were dialed in with the help on site from Vivid Audio.

My system is now complete. I have never enjoyed music as much and as I do today. Every day I am reminded that my enjoyment would not be possible without Luke, Ajay and the whole Audio Lounge team. They are experts in what they do and they truly enjoy sharing the gift of music. But more importantly, it is very rare to meet a group of people with so much integrity and focus on clients’ needs:

  1. My project resulted in a number of complexities that the components manufacturers were not anticipating. It took a long time to sort everything out and I am convinced that it would not have been possible without Audio Lounge. It would be easier for a distributor to align its interests with manufacturers, but not for Luke and Ajay. They are always in your corner, looking out for your best interest and pushing manufacturers to deliver the best solution in the most effective way.
  2. My system includes products not available at Audio Lounge, yet I enjoyed their expert advice and assistance regardless. Audio Lounge gives you unbiased advice, whether they can sell you the component you are considering or not.
  3. My system took a year to finalize. We explored numerous options, often challenging the component manufacturers to solve setup issues that they have not encountered before. Audio Lounge was there for me all the time. They simply will not stop working until their client is fully satisfied.
  4. And finally Audio Lounge stands by its word. With an evolving order like mine, any distributor could find a way to skew the economics of the transaction their way. Not Audio Lounge. When they commit to something, they will get it done as agreed.


Vivid Audio G3 Speakers x 2

Vivid Audio C1 Center Speaker

Vivid Audio V1w x 2

Vivid Audio Custom Subwoofer

Devialet 220 Amplifier x 3

Siltech & Crystal Cable Cables

Clearaudio Emotion SE Turntable

Clearaudio Concerto V2 Cartridge

Bel Canto Ref500M Monoblock Amplifiers

Robert South West London

My previous system was sufficiently large to consume most of my living space, sufficiently powerful to emit more heat than my radiators and daunted me sufficiently that I never played it. I visited a few retailers who all heard but didn’t listen. I wanted fabulous sound from geekless small boxes.
I encountered Audio Lounge by chance and for the first time was heard.   I listened to a few things in their great listening room.  There was no pressure to buy, no pressure to spend more than my budget and an ability to explain technical matters in a helpful way.  I love my Nagra items.  They sound beautiful and look and feel proper. But they sit discreetly and while I love the whirr as the CD drawer opens, it only opens to allow the music to play.
That for me is the Audio Lounge experience.  It is all directed to the music.  There is technical wisdom for those who want it.  There are wonderful boxes, great and small.  But if, like me, you just want simple musical joy, you can get that here too.  And that is exceptionally hard to find.


Wilson Audio Speakers

Nagra Classic Amp

Nagra CDC – CD/Preamp

Burmester 948 Power Conditioner

Equipment Rack by Hifi Racks

Carsten North London

Expert knowledge, understanding of personal preferences and above all patience, combined with extraordinary commitment and customer service sets Luke, AJ and the team at Audio Lounge apart. It’s not just the countless consultations through the decision-making process, or going the extra mile to source the one product that one wants and is so hard to get, but also the at your home service on an almost 7/7 basis that truly makes them standing out. I will never forget Luke saving our dinner party by replacing a broken turntable pin on a 2 hour notice … and ever since we have been enjoining pristine and tailored music experience for hours on end. Highly, highly recommended.


Clearaudio Ovation Turntable

Clearaudio Clarify Tonearm

Clearaudio Davinci Cartridge

Devialet Expert 220 Pro Amplifer

Nagra BPS Phonostage

Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition Speakers