YG Acoustics – Sonja 2.3 Loudspeaker


Sonja™ is YG Acoustics™’ flagship and represents everything that they know about speaker-design. Driven by innovative applications of acoustical engineering and world-class precision-manufacturing, Sonja™ pushes the edge of the art. Marrying these elements with stunning industrial design, results in a loudspeaker which is transformative in both performance and sheer visual beauty.

Sonja™ – unparalleled sonics, timelessly elegant form, pure seduction… handmade in U.S.A.




Sonja™ 1.1 – 50x21x53 cm (20x8x21”) HxWxD Sonja™ 1.2 – 129x33x63 cm (51x13x25”) HxWxD Sonja™ 1.3 – 179x43x72 cm (70x17x28”) HxWxD


Sonja™ 1.1 / Sonja™ 1C – 57 kg (124 lbs) per channel unpackaged Sonja™ 1.2 – 135 kg (296 lbs) per channel unpackaged Sonja™ 1.3 – 230 kg (506 lbs) per channel unpackaged