Vivid Audio – V1S Bookshelf Loudspeakers



Additional information

Frequency Response


635, 255, 195



V1s = 17, V1w = 13, V1h = 15

Product Information

Ideally suited to boundary placement, the V1 series is the smallest in the Vivid Audio range. Like the V1.5, they are a two-way design using a single bass/mid driver and tweeter mounted in a sculpted cabinet. Being designed for boundary placement the V1s exploits the natural low-frequency reinforcement that results from close proximity to a wall (for example) to permit a reduction in the enclosure volume to just 16 liters. A selection of three mounting systems make this a versatile design equally suited to the surround channels of a home theatre installation or to a near field computer music system.

Being a two-way design the V1s exploits the benefits of a contoured baffle to preserve time alignment of the drivers as well as improve efficiency and directivity of the D26 tweeter. Pair the V1s with a high quality subwoofer and you can extend the low-frequency range and output of the system considerably.