Vivid Audio – G2 Series 2



Additional information


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Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite, carbon fibre base


89dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis


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Crossover frequencies

220, 880, 3500

Net weight

220, 880, 3500

Frequency Response



Product Information

The introduction of our GIYA G1 Spirit saw a new level of
transparency and realism added to the Vivid Audio listening
experience. As some of the enhancements could be included
in the rest of the range, we thought it really worthwhile to
incorporate these, thus realising an markedly improved
GIYA, the GIYA Series 2.

The GIYA G2 offers the looks and nearly all the performance of the GIYA G1 in a smaller package. Aside from the physical size of the GIYA G2, not much differentiates it from its big brother, the GIYA G1. It has the same front-firing proprietary drivers, same crossover, same unique cabinet and most importantly, the same amazing sound.