SME Series V Tonearm


Additional information


Cartridge Balance

4.2 – 18.0g


Vertical tracking force 0 – 3.0g(30mN)

Maximum tracking error 0.012(degrees per mm)

Audio Lead

Length 1.2m Capacitance 140.0 pF per channel Resistance 0.145 ohms per conductor



Product Information

SME engineers, recognising the potential of the latest complementary equipment, accepted the challenge to design and build a pick-up arm which unlike others in existence would make no detectable sound contribution of its own. The work took almost four years and the measure of its success is the acceptance of the Series V precision pick-up arm by technical experts and users as one of the world’s truly great audio products.Series V sound has an almost startling dynamic range and neutrality enabling high levels to be enjoyed. It escapes the ‘LP’ sound and demonstrates that structural resonances in pick-up arms are responsible for much that makes vinyl records readily discernible from master tapes.