Siltech – Symphony

Additional information


Technical Specifications

5 way filter with excellent impulse response.
17Hz-100.000Hz (-3dB)
Selection switch for bass direction (Cardioid or bipolar) to adapt room position.
Selection switch for Ribbon or Diamond tweeter
Overall THD distortion < 0.25% 20Hz-20kHz SPL max 115dB non clipping
Net Weight Bass/Mid/Top: Net 150/35/22kg
Dimensions without base WxDxH 70cm x 80cm x 190cm
Loudspeaker width 51cm

Product Information

The Siltech Symphony handles both the lowest notes to the highest tones, all sound with unmatched authenticity.

Any kind of music can be played with unrivaled authority at any volume level and the many complicated angles on the cabinets guarantee perfect dispersion of all frequencies, needed for a stable realistic stereo image.