Nagra Classic DAC (Ex-Demo) RRP £11000


The Nagra engineering team worked extensively on a more affordable solution for the analogue stage, yet offering “striking performance” both in terms of measurement and sound perception.

This Nagra Classic DAC is in top condition with original packaging. The Unit was manufactured in June 2016 and has had non-intensive demonstration use since that time. The Unit comes without the optional upgrades of a PSU and NAGRA VFS (Vibration free support). A truly excellent DAC with a stunning purity and musicality.

12 Months Audio Lounge warranty

Nagra Classic DAC

With the identical digital input and conversion boards as the Nagra HD DAC, it is only in the analog stage that the Nagra CLASSIC DAC differs. It produces the same “analog” sound as its bigger brother which is considered to be the standard in the D/A market by which all other machines are judged.


Identical digital input board and conversion module as the Nagra HD DAC, making use of the most advanced conversion techniques available today. The converter comes from a joint-venture with Andreas Koch, AKDesign, the pioneering engineer in the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format, used in professional music studios. The circuits of the Nagra CLASSIC DAC use the DSD 2x version of the format, operating at a level 128 times superior to that of traditional CD and twice that of SACD.

Sampling frequency up to 5.6 MHz. The internal calculations use 72 bit precision. This method produces a signal with such quality that the steep-slope input filters on the analog section can be eliminated. The result is that the harmonics and transients are perfectly maintained allowing the music to conserve its natural depth and essence.

9 fets design topology emulate the sound of a tube providing a particularly warm and musical sound.

Proprietary Nagra USB input handling signals up to DXD (384 kHz 32 bits) and DSD 2x, compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

Analog Section

Output section based on a class A discrete transistor topology. It

includes no less than 9 matched transistors, of military and high-end

origins, per channel.
Signal-to-noise ratio of the output stage boasting an impressive 145

dB (not weighted). A number rarely reached by any competing product at

any price level.
Simplified output stage compared to the Nagra HD DAC with no volume control or headphone circuit.

Power Supplies

Carefully designed, built-in mains power supply including no less than 25 dedicated internal power supplies. In typical Nagra fashion, each stage is carefully decoupled to ensure the best performance. Nonetheless, the power supply can be further improved by the use of the Nagra MPS full-chassis power supply that connects to the Nagra CLASSIC DAC though a 12 V DC Lemo connector.


RCA and XLR outputs


Nagra USB input module

Digital Inputs

2x S/PDif (RCA and BNC), 1x AES-EBU, 1x TOSlink, 1x I2S Nagra digital input