Burmester – B80 MK2


Additional information

Dimensions (WxHxD)

290 x 1, 400 x 450mm 11.4_ x 55.1_ x 17.7_

Frequency response


Nominal impedence

4 ohms

High-Frequency units

Isodynamic ribbon with kaladex membrane

Product Information

The look and sound of the B80 loudspeakers are derived from our flagship B100 speakers; the design of their predecessors was borrowed from the aircraft industry, reminiscent as it was of the riveted wings of a large propeller aircraft. The design objective aimed at with the B80s was to create a loudspeaker system that combined outstanding acoustics with an attractive design, that could be integrated into virtually any living room, despite the somewhat majestic proportions. It is down to their unique qualities, that the B80s have managed to retain their popularity over the years. Nevertheless, we have now located some potential for technical improvement, which has led us to incorporate a number of modifications in the MK2 series.