Burmester – 956 MK2 Power Amplifier


The Burmester stereo power amplifi er 956 MK 2 is a proud descendent of our internationally highly acclaimed family of power amps 911 and 909. Our reference amp 909 has marked the pinnacle of audio amplifi cation since 1990. Many of the insights gained in designing the 909 have infl uenced the concept of the 956 MK 2. Like our legendary preamplifi er 808 the 956 MK 2 is of modular design with the advantage that older models can easily be upgraded to the latest version.

Dimensions (WxHxD)

482 mm x 191 mm x 482 mm

Input senstivity

730 mV for full volume 320 mV for 100W at 4 _ load

frequency response

0-200kHz (-3dB)


31kg / 68.3lb