Burmester 088 Preamplifier


Additional information


? 5 x balanced (unbalanced via adapter) ? 1 x Surround Thruput ? 1 x Module o LINE (unbalanced) (standard) o Phono MM2 (optional) o Phono MC3 (optional) o DAC Module (RCA USB) (optional)


? 1 x balanced (MAIN OUT) ? 1 x balanced (TAPE) ? 1 x headphone jack

Remote In/Out

for remote controling of other BURMESTERdevices


appr. 9, 5 kg appr. 21 lbs

Product Information

The 088 Preamplifier combines a considerable amount of technical finesse from the Reference Line with the consolidated construction of the Top Line models. It profits from distinguished developments, which have already leveraged the Reference Line 077 Preamplifier to its extraordinary sound characteristics. With a perfect mergence of sound and design in combination with easy and intuitive controlling, the 088 guarantees sensuous and lighthearted listening pleasure.