Boulder – 812 Dac Preamplifier


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Connections (Front)

•4-Pin XLR Headphone Connector
•1/8” Headphone Connector
•1/4” Headphone Connector
•Pentacon Headphone Connector

Connections (Back)

•2 Pair XLR Analog Inputs
•1 Pair XLR Preamplifier Output
•4x USB Host
•2 Optical Digital Inputs
•Coaxial (RCA, SPDIF) Digital Input

Software Features

•Based on 866 DSP Filter and DAC topology
•Configurable Headphone Sensitivity
•Available Fixed DAC out
•HTML Programming
•Control through Boulder Controller App
•Input Trim

Hardware Features

•Switch Between Headphone and Preamp Outputs
•Volume Knob & Chassis Machined In House
•100 db Optically Encoded Volume Control
•Innovative Protection Circuits


12”x12”x 3.5”



Product Information

Decades of unequalled audio engineering equal superior results. Boulder has always delivered class leading sound quality wrapped in refined designs. Welcome to the 800 Series.